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How to reset Covid-19 to it’s early days prior to pandemic, epidemic ?

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How to reset Covid 19 to it's early days prior to pandemic, epidemic ? All countries around the world should act at the same time all at once !

Hi my name is shahram mohseni and I am a researcher . Let's today check together how it's possible to reset coronavirus to it's early days to date where there were only some hundreds of positive covid 19 positive cases in a few countries , and this damn epidemic never existed . Now cold season and coronavirus storm have arrived and people are unknowingly passing torch of covid-19 hand in hand , so it's going on ruining peolpe's jobs and health and life .

چگونه تمام کشورها یکباره بطور همزمان ویروس کرونا را ریست کنیم به روزهای اولیه قبل از بحران باز گردیم ؟

Even about vaccines which we're waiting to arrive, recently scientists remembered they will be ready up to many years till every body has an injection of covid-19 vaccine , because it's bio reproducing and is not printing technology so it take very long time to cover all people around the world, even every year flue vaccine could't be produced enough this year let alone the covid-19's one. by the way you remember about face masks even though it was industrial production and not bio, still there we human face a disaster in shortage of ridiculous face mask on those dark day of first covid-19 epidemic wave .

At the moment many countries again have gone through a half sever form of lockdown at minimum of six month duration all jobs and activities again are going under a dark shadow.

Now good new is that as 21 century human we've got an option !

Let's get through it in a straight easy form , consider some places , cities and countries are marked as red zones of coronavirus so are locked down or kind of full observe of wearing mask and using sanitizers etc .. at the same time usually we see some other places are not that much under virus attack so are open and working Like institute XYZ for example, But :  because other part of the city , or country are under lockdown shadow and may have face masks, restricted to travel or even maybe afraid of going to other areas like instituts XYZ , so these open areas first of all are working at their minimum capacities and costumers and so on ..

On the other hand when some places and cities are open and some are closed , then reverse happens those open areas going to close and previous closed now will open so the virus travels from one area to another area , then from that area to this area etc .. as you may guess here is the golden key : Instead of closing and opening , lockdown and mask again open each place separately on it's own for many moths and years , it's wise all the world just do the process at the same time only for a short period of time , 10 to 15 days !


September 30, 2020